About the Village

About the Village

The Village on Hornby Isand offers 11 rental homes for Hornby elders 55 plus. It is situated on 2 hectares (5 acres) very near the Co-op corner on Central Road.

Of the eleven Village homes, four are one-bedroom units and seven are studio units. Three units are stand-alone cottages and the other eight units are duplexes. All residences have private parking and attractive landscaping. The Village is run by the not-for-profit Hornby Island Housing Society and a volunteer Board of Directors.

The Village homes are for “Independent Living” only. Each resident must be physically able to care for herself/himself with the assistance available within the Hornby community.

  • Every unit has electric heat, a propane cooking facility, and washer and dryer; 9 units have an additional propane heater;
  • Tenants provide their own furnishings;
  • Tenants cover the cost of their electricity, propane, telephone/internet, and satellite should they wish to have that service installed;
  • Recycling and waste management services are provided;
  • Water and septic management is taken care of;
  • The common areas and gardens are tended by a gardener.
  • The lawns are mowed;
  • A fenced garden adjacent to each unit is there for the tenant’s private enjoyment;
  • Outside window washing and gutter cleaning is provided;
  • Inside window washing is the tenant’s responsibility;
  • Road maintenance is also provided;
  • There is an on-site Village manager available for maintenance of each unit free of charge unless related to a personal matter;
  • In case of power outages, a generator will come on at specific times of the day – it will run lights and water.
Photos of the Village

To view more photos of The Village, visit the Photo Gallery.

To view the site plan for The Village click here: Site Plan.

The floor plans for the eleven units can be viewed here: Elder Housing Units. The seven studio units are approximately 500 square feet in size. The four one-bedroom units are approximately 650 square feet.

Rental Rates

Currently, the monthly rent is approximately $1.10 per square foot, with one bedroom units ranging from 650 to 685 square feet. Studio units are slightly smaller. Tenants may be eligible for a rental subsidy from the BC government program called Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters (SAFER). The BC SAFER program helps make rents affordable for BC seniors 60 years and older with low to moderate incomes.

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