Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What do you mean when you say the Village is for Independent Living?

The Village is designed to accommodate seniors who are self-reliant. This would mean that you are able to plan the activities of your day, handle household chores, and care for yourself with the social and medical supports that are available in the community.

Do I have to be in a certain income bracket to live in the Village?

Your gross household income must not exceed the median income for families without children in B.C., based on data provided by Statistics Canada. For 2017, this figure is $69,360.

Will the units be accessible to me if I have mobility issues, such as needing a walker or a wheelchair?

Yes, every unit is designed to be wheelchair accessible, with ramps and ample door widths.

Are there units that are large enough for a couple to live comfortably?

Yes, the one bedroom units are large enough to comfortably accommodate a couple.

Will I have privacy from my neighbours?

Considerable care and thought has gone into the design of the Village to ensure that every resident has some privacy, including a private deck area and a small garden area of their own. In addition, every unit has its own parking space close to the home’s entry way.

What will happen if I am no longer able to live independently?

If this time comes, then it may be that assisted living situations will need to be explored. There are several in the Comox Valley, but none, unfortunately, on Hornby Island.

Can I have my cat or dog to live with me in the Village?

Yes, residents are allowed to have pets, subject to approval by the board of directors. In practice, this simply means that your dog or cat is well behaved and does not annoy or upset other residents.

Can I have guests come to visit me and stay overnight?

Yes, you may. The tenancy agreement caps the number of nights that guests may stay over at 30 nights per year.

Are there any shared amenities or facilities in the Village?

The landscaped public areas are shared, as is a small orchard area and a shed where bulky items can be stored by residents.

What happens in the Village if the power goes out, as it does on Hornby from time to time?

In case of power outages, the Village has a generator that will come on at specific times of the day – it will run lights and water. As well, most units have propane heaters and propane ranges to provide warmth and cooking facilities.

Are there any extra costs to me, besides my rent each month?

Hydro, telephone, internet, and/or TV service are your responsibility. Maintenance issues will be attended to by the Village manager at no cost to you, unless it is related to a personal matter. Your home will receive regular attention such as clearing of the gutters and exterior washing of the windows. Landscaping and lawn mowing of public areas, snow clearing and road maintenance are all at no cost to you.

Is there an on-site manager who can give me a hand if something in my unit needs repair or replacement?

Yes, there is an on-site manager who you can contact when any issue arises.